business plan samples and business plans
business plan samples and business plans
SmallBusinessPoint is building the Internet's largest repository of sample business plans. The sample business plans included are from existing successful profitable companies and start-ups. It is our goal, that these sample plans will be used by new entrepreneurs as a guide, learning from other business owners. Save time and money by using a sample plan
What you get?
  • Successful business plan used in business today.
  • True proforma financial statements. How to complete an income and cashflow statement?
  • Executive summarization of business. Grab the readeres attention in the first three pages.
  • Management profile and organizational chart. How to divide responsibilities in a small business?
  • Company objectives and short and long-term goals. How will they make money? What are the sales goals and expansion plans? When will they add additional employees?
  • Marketing plan and implementation strategy. How to price products and services? How to promote and advertise the business?
  • Exit strategy and contingency plans. What is the back-up plan? How to read the caution signs?
  • The Business Plan Generator to use as your How-to-guide.
  • Plus so much more....
If you were to have a customized plan written for these businesses, it would easily cost $1,500 and some over $7,000. You can download this sample plan for under $200. Saving you thousands of dollars. The same business plan that cost over $2,000 to have custom written, is available for less than $200. Not only do you receive the sample business plan, but also the how-to guide, "The Business Plan Generator". This how-to guide contains hundreds of additional questions you can use as you write your plan. This how-to guide is included, absolutely free with every plan.
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